Well the Winter Break is winding down, and we will be starting our second semester of classes on Tuesday. I’ve been back home for a month now, and while I have enjoyed the tasty home-cooked meals, my stomach is growling for some of the delicious food options back in Norman! So in honor of my return to campus this week, a list of the campus food options that I can’t wait to take advantage of! Most of these are actual OU Housing & Food locations, but there are a few local restaurants as well. All of these, though, are specific to Norman, Oklahoma.

1) Couch Express’ breadbowl potato soup

This is probably my number one favorite food item. Couch Express is a little restaurant located in the first floor of my residence hall, Couch Tower. They have a daily selection of bagels, sandwiches, grilled cheese, salads and soups, but they also have daily specials. Tuesdays are breadbowl days, and you can fill these delicious bowls with chili or potato soup, with an option of cheese and bacon on top. Tasty!

2) Couch Restaurant’s french silk pie

Anybody who knows me or has spoken with me for about ten minutes knows about my deep-rooted love for this pie. The appropriately named pie literally tastes as smooth as silk. Couch Restaurants, which is our all-you-can-eat cafeteria, has 14 dining locations inside one massive, gorgeous building. It was just renovated a year or two ago, and one of the 14 dining options is the Sweet Shoppe. The Sweet Shoppe, or the dessert bar, features cakes, cookies, treats and pies like the french silk pie. They bring in desserts from La Baguette, a popular local bakery. Trust me, this is THE place to be.

3) An O’Henry’s ham and cheese sub

Located in the Cate Center Food Court, O’Henry’s offers a tasty selection of subs, soups and salads. There are multiple combo options for which you can use a meal exchange. My usual is a 1/2 ham and provolone sub, a cup of potato soup and an orange, with fruit punch to drink. But the beauty of O’Henry’s is that there are so many options for breads, cheese, toppings, meat, etc. that the possibilities are endless. Did I mention that you can get these subs delivered to your room through Cate a la Carte’s room service menu?

4) Cafe Plaid’s baked potato

You’re probably noticing a specific theme at this point — yes, I like potatoes. Cafe Plaid is a local dining option on Campus Corner, right by campus. The art building is located right across the street from Cafe Plaid, so I often walk over at lunch and grab the best baked potato I’ve ever tasted in my life. Cooked to perfection, this potato is deliciously tender. Cafe Plaid offers free bread — as much as you want — so I often load up on that, too. They also have a variety of healthy sandwiches available.

5) Roscoes‘ chocolate cupcakes

A chocolate cupcake topped with creamy chocolate icing and featuring a surprise filling of even more chocolate icing, this cupcake is to-die-for. Roscoe’s also sells milk, so you can get the classic “milk and cupcake” combo. The perfect after-class treat!

6) Couch Restaurants’ fresh tacos

Inside the overwhelming Couch Restaurants is a mexican food line, where the tortillas are made fresh and the options for garnishing your taco are endless. I keep it simple and get ground beef and grated cheese in my flour tortilla, but you can get some more exotic options if you prefer.

7) Cucina Italian’s many pastas

A new addition to the Cate Center food court, Cucina Italian offers pizza, pasta and baked potatoes. I’m a carb-lover, so this pasta restaurant is the place for me. For one meal exchange, you can get a plate of pasta with your choice of sauce and toppings, a breadstick and a drink. And then Roscoe’s is right next door for your after-lunch cupcake treat…

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  1. Melanie M on March 19th, 2011 12:08 am

    I love this blog! I live in California and I will be atending OU this upcoming school year as a freshman. I think it is interesting knowing what is good beforehand! I will keep this blog in mind when I am deciding what to eat next year!

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