One of my favorite things about Sooner life is living in the dorms! Personally, I can say that living in the dorms has been so much fun! Move-in day can be overwhelming because you’re trying to organize everything just perfectly, but don’t worry about it too much. With thousands of people moving in to the same tower, it gets a little hectic! Especially since it was raining this year! Also, don’t expect your room to look and be decorated perfectly the first day. My roommate and I are still working on our room to look just like we want it, and we’ve been here over a month.

Once you move in, you’ll want to always leave your door open (if you’re in your room)! It’s a great way to meet people on your floor and even check out their rooms for ideas. For example, me and my rooms met our neighbors when we wanted to check out their futon and now we’re always in there room, which is nice because it’s a trisuite! My roommate and I live at the front of the hallway so we always blast Pandora Radio during the day when we’re home. Because who doesn’t love Britney Spears radio?

If you’re planning to live with your best friend, make the decision wisely. When I told people I was living with my best friend Emily, all I go in reply was “…good luck!” But I still wanted to go through with it because I knew we would have so much fun together! And I definitely don’t regret my decision! I always have someone to hang out with when I’m bored, but there are days that I don’t see her at all! If you and your best friend don’t get along for long periods of time together…BE WARNED — rooming together is probably not the best idea!

Good luck on your decision and see you later!

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