This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend “Leader Summit”- a leadership workshop that is open for all OU students to attend. I didn’t really know what was in store when I first registered for this event, but now I’m glad I did!

Leader Summit is a 7-hour workshop, led by OU’s amazing LEAD Team, that provides leadership training, keynote speakers, and of course, food! I was amazed at how many students actually came to this event on a Saturday morning. Some of the activities at this workshop include: Break-out sessions with speakers, “Habitudes”- talking about different leadership topics, community service project – making place mats for a retired veterans home, and lunch!

  • Our first keynote speaker, Sean Griffin, presented the “Da Vinci Mindset Think-A-Torium.” His presentation inspired me to focus on my passions and to find my purpose in life.
  • Our second keynote speaker was Christy Brown, from the Dave Ramsey Organization. She spoke to us about money, and how we should manage it wisely. This presentation was quite helpful for everyone in the room, because us college students need any advice we can get about saving our money.
  • The last speaker, Josh Woodward, an OU alum and project manager of Google Chrome, gave me the most valuable advice that day. He spoke about his experience at OU, and how he never imagined being in the position that he is in today. It was inspiring to hear his story and he showed me that anything is possible if you provide hard work and dedication. I spoke to Josh after the workshop and he gave me even more advice about studying abroad. It’s nice to have the opportunity to speak with someone who’s experienced everything that I am going through right now as a “confused” freshman.
This workshop is an excellent opportunity for ANYONE at OU to attend. Whether you come to hear the inspiring speakers, or maybe you just want to spend time with your friends in a fun environment, Leader Summit is definitely something any incoming freshman should register for during their first year at OU.
If you want to jump ahead and read more about the leadership opportunities on campus, you can visit the leadership and volunteerism website.
Boomer Sooner!
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