Hello again! From the title of this blog, you may be wondering, “Sports on campus? Isn’t football season over?” While fall has long past, fear not, Baby Sooners! There are so many more sports to check out at the University of Oklahoma. Here in Norman, you can come support 9 different men’s and 8 different women’s sports teams, including rowing, tennis, rugby, and so much more! Even better, except for football and men’s basketball, your student ID will get you into these games for free!

Seriously, there’s no reason not to go. We have some of the best teams in the nation, including our currently ranked #1 men’s gymnastics team, and its so much fun to go out and support your fellow Sooners. And if I haven’t persuaded you yet, you can also join Sooner Sports, a free organization that will give you prizes for attending a certain amount of events, with each prize getting better as your attendance increases.
Interested in playing sports rather than watching them? We also have tons of intramural sports going on throughout the year for you to participate in! These include 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, volleyball, dodgeball, and soccer, among others. There are 40 sporting events for you to choose from! So grab a group of friends and get out there for some Sooner wins!

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