image1Fall break at the University of Oklahoma marks one of the most celebrated weekends in existence, as the Red River Rivalry between OU and Texas comes into full swing. Characterized by caravans of students headed to Dallas, endless amounts of fried food and cramped hotel rooms, some have gone as far to call this weekend, “Christmas in October.” One might think to his/herself, “it’s just another football game…” but that statement would be the farthest thing from the truth. As a senior, I have experienced OU/TX three times now and am beyond excited for my fourth trip this upcoming weekend. I can confidently say that it is, by far, my all-time favorite college tradition I’ve experienced at OU. With its date lining up right after the first round of midterms each Fall semester, taking the weekend off to go to Dallas is a much needed break that no student can deny.

With the overwhelming options that Dallas nightlife offers, each trip I’ve taken has been a unique experience. That being said, however, I can always count on watching the game and walking around the Texas State Fair to be a consistent source of genuine entertainment. As ridiculous as it sounds, waking up the Saturday morning of the game is honestly as close to Christmas morning as you can get, except gifts and holiday cheer are replaced with an assortment of fried foods and Boomer Sooner chants. Even though it’s an early kickoff, waking up early automatically becomes worth the trouble, when you realize that you’ll be in attendance of one of the most exciting and memorable football games you’ll ever see. The atmosphere surrounding the stadium is truly a unique blend of furious resentment towards the opposing team and an insurmountable pride in your own. While that sounds like the typical description of every football game ever, the level of polarization far surpasses anything imaginable. Sure, there will be some angry words exchanged between OU and Texas fans, but the day would not be complete without the heated tension that temporarily envelops the city of Dallas.  A Sooner touchdown is always a reason to celebrate, but this takes on a whole new meaning when it happens during the OU/Texas game. When either team scores, you can feel the energy of the stadium spike as the fans passionately rally behind their team. Even the most timid individuals will find themselves yelling at the top of their lungs, criticizing the referee’s unfavorable decisions regardless of whether or not they know anything about football.

After the game there’s no better way to celebrate a victory (or soften the demoralizing blow of a loss), than by exploring the Texas State Fair, which is going on right outside of the stadium. I like to call the fairgrounds the “streets of gold,” because it is lined with vendors selling every decadent food you can imagine, as a golden, deep fried treat. While you might regret your dietary decisions later on in the week, but in the moment, nothing sounds better than a corn dog accompanied with some deep fried Oreos.  With the addition of the typical carnival rides and games, walking around the fair acts as a good way to wind down the day so that you can take a much needed nap upon returning to your hotel.

Overall, OU/TX weekend isn’t just some trip that can be duplicated or overlooked. While much of what I’ve described might not sound that special on paper, it is truly a weekend that must be experienced first-hand to understand why it is such a beloved part of being a Sooner fan.  If you’re reading this and have never gone to see the game, or are on the fence, I highly recommend that you wrangle up a group of your closest friends and make it out to Dallas at least once during your college career. Not only does the experience provide you with memories that will last you a lifetime, but a strengthened connection to the University that’ll make your time at OU even better than before.


Adam Siddique

Tulsa, OK


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