One of the greatest assets to the University of Oklahoma is the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. It contains more than 17,000 works in its permanent collection, and houses multiple temporary exhibits a year. Having a museum on campus allows for a quick getaway into an environment completely different from the academic surroundings and lets you unwind as you allow yourself to be caught up in the exquisite and sometimes surprising creations held in the museum. Walking from room to room, one is exposed to artists of all backgrounds and beliefs. Seeing so many different perspectives and techniques perfectly exposes one to the grandeur and expanse of the art world and what it represents.

In a sense, the museum reflects the diversity of the campus on which it was built. Guests of the museum can find works from around the world, and the works can further be divided into secular and religious spheres. The beauty of this cohabitation of works mirrors the way students on campus herald from across the globe. Students come together from all backgrounds and join together to make the University more beautiful and intricate than before they arrived. The works displayed in the museum, like the students, only make the surroundings in which they thrive that much greater.

I come from a Russian family that moved to Kazakhstan in the 1930s. When I was six, my mom and I immigrated to the United States. This journey has made me lucky enough to see many types of art and art forms, which is why I am so grateful for the masterpiece that is the FJJMA. Wandering through the museum, I am able to marvel at art from my birth region, while in the next room, I can appreciate the beauty created and influenced by my adoptive country. Without leaving the University campus, the museum provides one of the best outlets for exposing yourself to other cultures and does it in a way that leaves you more appreciative of the beauty in the world.

Tatyana Gubareva

Psychology and Art History Senior

Yukon, OK

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