Being here at OU has changed my outlook on volunteerism and changed my definition of community. As a freshman, I received the President’s Community Scholars scholarship and it has changed my college experience dramatically! When I first came to OU, I thought that you had to be an upperclassman in order to get involved. However, that is definitely not the case at the University of Oklahoma. President David Boren has pressed the importance of creating leaders at OU and allowing the school and its projects to be led by students. So many organizations and events are run by my fellow classmates, and I have also had the opportunity to be in leadership positions.

The Big Event, for example, is a day of community service throughout the Norman/Oklahoma City area. We had around 5,000 students volunteer to work on projects for churches, schools and whoever wanted our help. The Big Event is run and organized by current students at OU, which is a HUGE undertaking but an even more amazing feat as well. My freshman year, I was in charge of a group of students that volunteered in Oklahoma City at an assisted living center. I felt like I was making a difference and that I was helping to lead OU. Nothing felt better!

It is not like being lost in a sea of faces; everyone can make a difference. The best decision I’ve ever made was to join the Sooner Family. I have never felt like I was not a part of the University. As students at OU, we extend the spirit of the Sooner Nation to the Norman community and the state of Oklahoma as a whole. We are all Sooners and that is a bond that cannot be rivaled. Boomer Sooner and come to OU, all are welcomed!

Boomer Sooner!

I first want to take this moment to reflect on how amazing it is for us to live in America. Saturday was September 11th and I would like to take the time to remind everyone to appreciate EVERY single second you are around those you love. Never take what you have for granted.

Marseilles, France

I love France

Summer 2010

I went to study abroad in France over the summer and I could not have had a better time! I used to never really think about it and didn’t think going abroad was for me. I was talked into it by a friend and am completely glad things played out as they did. Europe is so interesting and I fell in love with it. There are so many different cultures within such a close vicinity. You can travel from Paris (northern France) down to the southern coast in less time than it takes to drive from Norman to Austin, Texas! Vichy, France is a small town and has a lot in common with small town USA. The people were extremely nice to me and everything basically shut down after 9 pm.

We were completely submersed in the French culture and I enjoyed every second of it. I made a lot of great friends from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. I will NEVER forget my experience in Europe and am planning on studying abroad again next summer. If you have the chance to study abroad, take it. Most will never get the opportunity to go abroad like they do in college.  It will make you appreciate different cultures a lot more and learn more about the world outside. J’aime la France!

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