Last Thursday, Sept 2nd:

After my Vis Comm design studio class, I took off to visit OKC and the beautiful Health Sciences Center for the University of Oklahoma. We were on a day-long Recruitment Services retreat to plan our campaign for the year so we didn’t get to spend too much time wandering across the HSC campus, but what little I saw of it I LOVED. It was just as gorgeous as our Norman campus is. Now, I’ve never even considered going into any medical profession, but if you’re considering Nursing, Dentistry, Physical Therapy and all the other health-oriented careers, OU HSC is something you need to look into. As for me, I’m perfectly content with my art degree. 🙂

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Hello there, future Sooners! I’m Tiffany, a Visual Communication junior from Edmond, Oklahoma. You’re soon going to learn that I am a list person, through and through. So in the way of introductions, I’m going to give you a list of the top three basic things to know about me.

1) Visual Communication–what is that? It is NOT Business Communication, which is a common mixup. Visual Communication, in its simplest form, involves methods of communicating through the visual arts. Makes sense, right? This is what many people would consider Graphic Design, but this degree program involves more than just printed communication. We also study web design and we do some 3-dimensional work. As a matter of fact, the project I’m working on right now involves eight 5″ x 5″ cubes that we rearrange and hinge together to form a new shape and to communicate movement. I’m sure I’ll post pictures of some of the projects I complete as I go, and with a new project just about every week, it won’t take long for you to see plenty of examples. 🙂

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