The Beach at OU

We all know that summer is the time to relax, have fun, and enjoy ourselves! Many people plan trips to various locations around the world including the beach. We all love the beach, right? I know I do! This is why we decided to bring that experience to the Sooner Discovery Family this summer. The Summer Session office put on a pool party the first Wednesday of the program and we knew there was no way we were missing it; everyone was super excited too! It was my job to make it fun for them so I thought it would be ideal to play sand volleyball before the pool party. We all went outside in our beach attire, took off our shoes, and started a game that would bring out the best of us. It was sunny outside and we could feel the heat of the sand beneath our toes just like at the beach. Before we knew it we were all jumping, diving, and hitting the ball, playing so well like we had known each other for years. Did I mention it was the first week?


BreAnn and Callie eating delicious Cane’s Chicken poolside


Swayde and Sam getting Cane’s Chicken and ready for the pool party


Next came the POOL PARTY!! This was not just a pool party for the students; it was for the whole OU community! There was free Raising Canes but we were all still full from dinner. Just Kidding!! We all hurried there and grubbed on delicious chicken fingers! That evening was so fun. There was a diving completion and relay races for awesome free stuff. I even videotaped two of the students doing a back flip off the diving board in slow motion. Not to mention Parker and Connor’s awesome dance moves; they rocked the show. It was so much fun and I could tell everyone loved it because we all went back to the next one. Who knew you could go to the beach at OU!


Daisy R

Business Management, 2017

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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