Apps You Need for Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner, and whether you’re traveling by plane or car, we want to share the apps that we love when traveling, and we hope will make your Spring Break even better!



Free for iOS or Android, this app will create an itinerary for your trip when you forward all confirmation emails to TripIt, including directions, maps, and weather.


Plant Nanny

So, this one isn’t directly related to spring break, but it’s just so cute! Need a fun way to remember to drink enough water? This app reminds you to keep sipping, as your plant lives (and dies) based on how much you drink! Free for iOS and Android.



So, we’re guessing you already have this one. This classic traveling app may never go out of style. Just remember to rate your visit to help out your fellow travelers! Free for iOS and Android.


Find My Friends

This is another free app, available for iOS or Android. Find My Friends allows you track your friend’s location via GPS (OK, it tracks their phone). Don’t worry about losing your friend on a crowded beach or busy street!



Airbnb is opening doors to some of the most interesting locations. Stay in a unique place for less than a typical hotel! Free for iOS and Android.



WhatsApp uses your data plan to exchange messages for those times when you don’t want to change your messaging plan for a short trip. Free for iOS and Android.



Rather than spending money on a rental car and trying to navigate an unfamiliar city, download Uber. It’s free for iOS and Android, and much faster than the average taxi service.



Road Trip! With the amazingly low cost of fuel, maybe you’ve decided to road trip to your spring break destination. Find the cheapest gas on your route using Gas Buddy! Free for iOS and Android.


Google Translate

This one may be really handy if you’re traveling abroad this spring break. The app can translate from typed text in 90 languages, and using your camera in 26. It also has two-way automatic speech translations in 40 languages! Available free for iOS and Android.

Whatever you decide to do for spring break, we hope you enjoy it!

Do you already have these apps? Tell us about your experiences with them!

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