Check out the beautiful Oklahoma Campus

Have you ever really toured the University of Oklahoma? All I can say is WOW! What a beautiful campus! Oklahoma was ranked one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation!  So much to do! So much to see! If you and your child have yet to tour the campus, I mean really tour the campus, you will need a few days.

A great place to start is the OU Visitors Center. They will have lists and all the in formation you need to tour the campus and the surrounding area. You can sign up for guided tours or spend a day on your own. has some great information for you as well.

Go and enjoy a sporting event! OU has over 20 men and women sports teams for your enjoyment.

How about visiting the Weitzenhoffer family college of fine arts? Take in a  musical, play, concert or lecture.

Open for your pleasure are the Fred Jones Museum of Art, the National Weather Center,  and the Sam Noble Museum of History.  And this isn’t all!

Spend the day and enjoy all the different  statues and sculptures around campus. Take a picture standing in one of the red telephone booths. Did you find the Love sculpture or the man laying in the grass? My favorite is the three ladies gossiping, it reminds me of my three daughters.

The multiple gardens throughout campus are a delight! Sit on a bench, enjoy the sites and sounds of the surroundings.

The beautiful architecture of each building is captivating!! Go see the library inside and out. You will just be in awe! There is so much to see inside and of course read! There are so many wonderful places to take photos around campus so don’t forget tot keep that cell phone charged!

The University of Oklahoma is fascinating! It truly makes people smile when they walk around campus. It has so much to enjoy and is a great place for everyone to learn and grow. It truly is Okla”HOME”a!!


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