5 Reasons to Take Your Workout Outside This Spring

5 Reasons

As the weather warms and becomes more inviting, you find yourself leaving the cozy comfort of your home more and more. You are almost looking for excuses (I think the dog needs another walk). The desire to get your exercise in out-of-doors rather than your usual gym routine is irresistible. So why not give in? Take it outside to reinvigorate your fitness motivation!


Grab a friend and hit the road (or trails or beach or whatever strikes your fancy)! Chances are, when you work out outdoors, you’ll actually work out longer. Why? It  has to do with the change of scenery. You won’t get bored as quickly.


You’ll probably burn more calories when you head outdoors as well (as much as 5-7 percent). This is due to a combination of longer exercise periods, wind, temperature, and many other external factors. So it’s less boring AND you burn more calories? Who needs any other reason?

Increased Attention& Focus

On the off chance you do, in fact, need another reason, we would like to point out that there are several cognitive benefits to exercising as little as 20 minutes outside. There is an increase in your attention and focus, helping to improve your work indoors as well.

Instant, natural mood booster

We’ve all heard about how a short workout (as little as 20 minutes) can boost your mood. Taking the exercise outside has an even more profound effect than that old gym routine. Give yourself permission to play outside. You’ll be happier and healthier!


One final, (though by no means small) benefit of outdoor exercise is that it energizes you! A 20 minute workout is equivalent to a cup of coffee for energy! So before you slurp down those glorious empty calories, consider taking a stroll around the block.

You're only

Do yourself a favor: Get outside!

Boost your mood, calorie-burn, energy, and overall health!


Here’s one last tip: Get a wearable fitness tracker. It will keep track of your steps all day, your exercise, and many have an app to track your diet as well. While exercise is important to your health, the added benefit of tracking your diet can help you break through to the next level! Go enjoy this gorgeous Spring weather!

Spring Fitness

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