Welcome to my Boomer Blog! Seeing as its my first blog (in a series of many), I think I should go ahead and tell you a little bit about myself and my experience at OU so far.I was born in Orlando, Florida, but don’t get too excited—I left there when I was only nine months old. I moved to Pennsylvania, and then to Florida, but eventually ended up in Texas.

When I was five, I moved to The Woodlands, a suburb outside of Houston. So pretty much, I lived in four states by the time I was five. Texas was really all I’ve ever known. That is, until I came to OU!

I have two younger sisters, Emily and Sarah. Emily is currently 15 and Sarah’s 11. As you can imagine, I’ve converted both of them to be huge OU fans–two Sooners in the midst of hundreds of Aggies and Longhorns. They have seen the light!

The rest of my family is made up of my mom, dad and my dog, Minnie. Minnie is eight years old (almost nine!), but I still call her my puppy because she’s a cute little Shih Tzu. My grandparents also live in The Woodlands, so I’m very close to them as well.

I first became interested in OU my junior year of high school. I never even imagined coming to Oklahoma. My mom went to college in North Carolina and my dad went to a school to become a pilot. I thought I would go to the same school as my mom.

All that changed part of the way through of junior year. One of the girls I knew from dance (I danced at a studio from ages 5 to 18) was a senior and was strongly considering going to OU (her mom went there). They started telling me about OU and the journalism college there. I was intrigued.

At the end of junior year, my mom and I flew up to Norman. That was my first college visit ever. By the end of the visit, I didn’t think I needed to visit any other school. Everything at OU just clicked for me.

But like any good mom, my mother decided I needed to visit and apply to more schools than OU. I had automatic admission, but it’s always good to have other options (not that you all shouldn’t all come to OU). I ended up applying to and getting accepted to OU, TCU, Baylor, Missouri and Alabama. I visited all but Missouri.

I think the end of the story has already been given away—obviously, I decided to come to OU. I went with my initial decision and haven’t regretted a second of it! Sometimes, you just have to go with that gut feeling. That honestly is the best advice I can give to any college-seeking high schooler—go with your gut.

I’m not going to give too much away about my OU experience—that’s for the millions of blogs to come! (Well, millions might be an exaggeration.) But I will say, I have been here two years and I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

I did rush, but ended up dropping. I think sororities are great—I have tons of friends in houses—but it just wasn’t for me at the time. However, I have become involved in many different ways. That’s the great thing about OU (and college in general)—there are so many ways to get involved. You should definitely take advantage of all your opportunities!

I think that’s going to be it for now. You all do enough reading at school and I don’t want to make you read another novel!

Tune back next time when I list my 10 favorite things about OU!







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