University of Oklahoma launches three rockets in Kansas

This past labor day weekend, the University of Oklahoma launched three rockets at the Kansas Kloudbusters’ Airfest event. A student research team lead by Dr. Thomas Hays performed the launches.

The research role is to fly a variety of material testing payloads under real flight conditions for the customer.   The top segment of the rocket is a general purpose volume that can be easily changed to fit their devices.  In addition to our UGRA students, Dr. Hays brought along Boomer Rocket Team leadership and some AE capstone leaders to make the best use of this opportunity to spread knowledge.

Dr. Hays commented that he is “happy to say our students represented the university very well in all aspects during the weekend!  The general manager of Aerotech rocket motors came running and tripping across the field to congratulate us on the rocket structure holding together under the thrust of his M6000 motor.” OU’s research team is the first civilian group to launch successfully on that design.

The AME department would like to thank the donor who provided the REPF truck that made the event possible.

Dr. Hays’ research team will be having a meeting in the next two weeks to set out their future goals and funding!

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