When I think of the word college, the next thing that pops into my mind is money.  Tuition, housing, and other basic expenses add up quickly. If an individual struggles financially, they could be compared to a broke college student. It is just how the world envisions college- a money pit. I always knew growing up that college would be a large investment, and probably my most expensive investment in life. Of course earning a higher degree of education is worth every penny, but it is hard to come up with the kind of money one needs to pay for college.

I am an Energy Management major at the University of Oklahoma. This major and the field it leads to perfectly fits my talkative and outgoing personality. The Energy Management Student Association (EMSA) is full of wonderful people I have learned from in many ways. EMSA has also given me more opportunities than I could dream of as a student- one of those opportunities being scholarship interviews. Because of my partition in the program, I was given the opportunity to speak in front of 50+ individuals from the Oil & Gas field that wanted to give away money to deserving students. Luckily, the group saw something in my story- I was awarded several scholarships from different companies. The total was astounding and really helped ease my mind of fiscal responsibilities.

I had no clue what doors would open for me the day I decided to major in Energy Management. It was one of the best decisions I have made to date because of the amazing things the program has helped me accomplish with their support. I am a proud Sooner and a proud EMSA member. These scholarships have helped me a great deal considering I am an out-of-state student and This is just a simple example of ways that the University of Oklahoma can help students to gain the skills and education regardless of their fiscal struggles. There are many scholarships that are offered through specific colleges, degrees and programs whether it is through your local community or through the University.

Peyton Brougher

Class of 2018

Energy Management/ Finance

Houston, TX

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