Navigating New Territory: The Drop Off


21625394460_49cff105ad_hBefore we dive in: I’ve never done this before. And by this- I mean send a kid off to college. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never blogged before, either, so it’s a season of firsts.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest. My oldest has always been very self driven and independent. I’m not going to lie…she did every bit of enrolling in college herself. I did not learn one, blessed thing, so I will be a beginner again when my youngest is ready. My oldest would tell me when and where to pay, and when she needed to be where. How did I get so lucky? She made raising her pretty easy, and she made sending her off into the wOUrld pretty easy, as well. Except for the fact that she left some pretty important items in her closet…at home…two hours away…that she needed the next day. Hey, if someone is perfect 100% of the time, they’d be pretty boring. I drove home, gathered the items, leaving my family in Norman, and drove back in time to help hang up her mirror, take a good look at her dorm room, and leave…again. My family experienced it all without me, but I’d do it all over again, if given the chance. In fact, I think doing something that really needed to be done helped me in the long run. Sure, I felt a little sad as we drove off, but I took a nap on the drive home and felt better when I woke up. Twenty days later, I’m feeling pretty good with how I’m handling it. I’m still trying to figure out when’s a good time to text her, and when she’s ‘I’m busy, mom,’ but I’m doing way better than I thought I would. It definitely helps when she’s going to such an amazing school. We are OU blessed. 🙂

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