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Today we welcome guest blogger Billy Mays, AME Shop Supervisor.

One of the most popular labs at AME is the AME Shop.  Facilitated by shop personnel Billy Mays and Greg Williams, the AME Shop not only provides students with hands-on engineering experience, but also supports AME’s teaching labs, class projects, capstone projects, faculty research initiatives and competitive teams.   

Billy and Greg

Billy Mays (L) and Greg Williams (R) run the AME Shop.

By Billy Mays

We at the AME Machine Shop invite AME students to stop by and learn more about us.

The AME Shop is a fully functional machine shop with a diversified group of equipment: manual lathes, manual mills, welding equipment, sheet metal equipment, a CNC lathe, mills and router, and other supporting equipment.

We help students take their projects from computational simulations to a finished product, while creating hands-on, project-based learning opportunities for you.  We want to get to know more about you and your projects.

When students work with us, they have a safety net of experts standing by to help if they run into trouble, and we train students with the necessary safety and operation of the equipment they will use for building projects.

Students who make use of the AME Shop during their time at AME graduate with a greater understanding of the design processes and have experience with manufacturing.  Their project completion times from computer to product are generally shorter, and once they start a job, their time between training and becoming a productive engineer is less.

Along with working with students, the AME Shop supports experimental projects for undergraduates and graduates students, class room projects, senior capstone projects, graduate research projects, faculty research, and AME’s four competitive teams – Design/Build/Fly, Sooner Off-Road, Sooner Powered Vehicle and Sooner Racing Team.

We help with everything from design challenges and equipment capabilities, material procurement, to the necessary cutters and tooling needed to successfully complete the project.  We also help with a test run of the project.

The AME machine shop is truly a student use shop.

Students and alumni, let us know how working in the AME Shop has impacted your work as an engineer!


Students in Dr. Siddique's Pre- Capstone course test their projects in the AME Shop.

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  1. Billy and Greg are two gems in the AME family. Their contributions to the students and faculty are much, much appreciated. Cheers. Farrokh Mistree

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