Student Advisory Council

On the evening of October 21, 2015, the 2015-2016 Student Advisory Council (SAC)  held their first meeting of the semester. SAC consists of student team and student organization leaders at AME. In addition, a chair of SAC is appointed by the AME Director. The SAC is organized to represent the undergraduate and graduate student body at AME.

At the meeting, the students introduced one another and shared current information about their organizations/teams such as recruitment, retention, participation, competitions, branding, etc. Jawanza Bassue, SAC Chair, created a brief activity for attendees, which included submitting words that come to mind about AME and the student organizations/teams using their phones. Students posted words like funding, growing, opportunity, hard-work, direction, tradition, stewardship and participation. This led to discussion about what AME is doing well as a school and student population, as well as some things that need to be improved.


The SAC is as follows:

  • Jawanza Bassue, SAC Chair
  • Dalton Gregory, DBF
  • Travis Phifer, AIAA
  • Dustin Rann, AIAA
  • Aaron Allred, ASME
  • Brianna McGuire, ASME
  • Alejandro Rivas, ASHRAE
  • Amber Kapoor, GSC
  • Mortaza Saeidijavash, GSC
  • Jerry Varughese, Pi Tau Sigma
  • Lawrence Dahunsi, Pi Tau Sigma
  • Mike Dillon, SPV
  • James Ross, SPV
  • Wes Reynolds, SRT
  • Sam Faux, SRT
  • Gatlin Arnold, SOR
  • Wyatt Osborn, Sooner Rocket Team
  • Chelsea Williams, Sooner Rocket Team

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