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OU Students Killing the Intern Game

University of Oklahoma students are interning all over the country this summer. We asked students to tell us about their awesome summer internship experiences and what they are learning this summer. Check out some of the submissions below:

Jason Tieu

“My name is Jason Tieu and I have the opportunity to intern with AT&T this summer in San Diego. I am interning as an Engineering and Operations Intern under the Technology Development Program they offer.

Throughout the internship, I have been going on ride-alongs with technicians, attending Leadership Connection Series calls, and have been working on meaningful projects. I am currently learning and using a Robotic Process Automation program for my projects. In my projects, my goal is to create a bot where it will automate repetitive tasks that is usually done by a human where it will make save the company money and time.

Overall, my experience has been very positive and great. I love the atmosphere and diversity of the company. Especially doing an internship that is out of state, I definitely recommend students to do an out of state internship if they have the opportunity to do so. Not only have I learned so much about the company, I have learned the importance of networking, professional development, and communication.

These skills will definitely be helpful for my future career.”

-Jason Tieu, AT&T Engineering & Operations Intern in San Diego, California



Laura Steckbeck

“My name is Laura Steckbeck, and I’m a senior communication major.

This summer, I’m interning at NetApp, a tech company in Raleigh, NC. I’m on the University Relations team, and I get to plan intern events, create and manage internal websites, design brochures, and more.

This picture was taken in front of one of NetApp’s data centers, which the interns got to tour last week. It’s been a great summer!”

-Laura Steckbeck, NetApp University Relations Intern in Raleigh, North Carolina






Christine Murrain“I’m Christine Murrain and my internship at Big Brothers Big Sisters this summer has given me the opportunity to develop my skills in Resource Development and pursue my interests in the Non-Profit sector.

Being able to apply the things I have learned in the classroom to a related field has been an invaluable experience.”

-Christine Murrain, Big Brothers Big Sisters Resource Development Intern in Norman, Oklahoma







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