How to Find a Student Job at the University of Oklahoma

As a student at the University of Oklahoma, your child has a wide variety of part-time, flexible and convenient work opportunities available to fit his or her school schedule. Would your student prefer to work on campus, or in the community? Here at OU Human Resources, we work hard to connect your student with hiring managers in our departments across campus, with our nonprofit partners who offer work-study opportunities and with local employers in our community who wish to hire OU students. Here are some good facts to know in order to help your student with their job searching!

On-Campus Student Jobs

Here at OU, your child has the opportunity to apply for jobs in our campus libraries, museums, computer labs, restaurants, dormitories and athletic departments across campus. These jobs include (but are not limited to): food service workers, clerical workers, cashiers, lifeguards, front desk attendants, lab room monitors, academic tutors and athletic equipment managers.

The Basics:

  • Working on campus is enjoyable! All of our campus positions provide students with the opportunity to get more involved with the OU community.
  • Working on campus is convenient! All student jobs will work around your child’s class schedule and understand the importance of their coursework. (Note: some positions do have required work schedules, which could exclude some students from being hired for that particular position if their class schedule conflicts.)
  • As an OU Student Employee, your child has the opportunity to work anywhere from 5 – 29 hours per week and to make anywhere from $7.25 – $10.00 an hour, depending on the type of position.

Tips on Applying:

  • The #1 mistake that we see students make when applying involves their documents. Our Career Services department offers great tips for this. Encourage your student to visit their webpage for sample resumes, sample cover letters and a power word bank that always comes in handy! (Note: As part of our Equal Opportunity Employer guidelines, we are unable to accept resumes with pictures on them.)
  • All student positions require your child to upload his or her oZone class schedule as proof of enrollment. (Note: This means that your child must be enrolled in the semester they wish to apply to BEFORE they finalize their application.)
  • Hiring managers do not expect students to have prior work experience. So, if this is your child’s first job, do not let them get discouraged!
  • However, they should not leave their resumes blank, either! Encourage your student to list any awards, internships, extracurricular activities or educational experiences that they wish to include. Even if their only experience comes from babysitting, these responsibilities display the skills and qualities that our hiring managers love to see!

Work-Study Jobs:

  • Work study jobs are only available for students who have received a Federal Work-Study Award. (Note: Not all students are eligible for this award. To find out if your student qualifies, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 405-325-4521).
  • Qualifying for a work-study award is not a guarantee of employment, but this award does offer more job options for your student.
  • This award applies to three different categories of job listings (all of which can be found at
    • Regular on-campus student positions (many hiring departments for these positions indicate a preference for students who qualify for work-study)
    • Designated “Work-Study Students Only” on-campus student positions
    • Off-Campus Community Service positions, (also designated as “Work-Study Students Only” on our job site).
  • OU partners with wonderful nonprofit organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Meals on Wheels and after school tutoring programs. If your son or daughter has a passion for helping others, then the Off-Campus Community Service positions might be a great fit for them!

Off-Campus Student Jobs

Job Location Program (JLP):

  • Our Job Location Program is where we connect your kids with Norman businesses!
  • Employers looking for current OU students post a wide range of jobs opportunities from a variety of fields: restaurant and retail, office and receptionist, marketing and sales, tutoring and nannying, and many more.
  • To find current Off-Campus Job Listings, students can either select the “Off-Campus Jobs” link on our main site,; or visit (Note: you must have a 4×4 student log-in to view JLP listings.)
  • Here at OU Human Resources, we do our best to screen our employers before allowing them to post jobs, and to keep in contact with them throughout their hiring process. However, we do encourage students to check the work environment and use their best judgment when interviewing or before accepting employment with any off-campus employer. If you have any questions about any employer in particular, do not hesitate to give us a call!

Contact Us!

If you have any questions regarding student employment, please don’t hesitate contacting our office. We also have computers available in office for students who need assistance with applying for jobs.

Phone #: 405-325-1826
Address: 905 Asp Ave. Room 205; Nuclear Engineering Lab


3 thoughts on “How to Find a Student Job at the University of Oklahoma

  1. One of the best things my daughter has done while at OU was get a part time job on campus. She loves it! It is very flexible with her class schedule and it helps to pay down her tuition. She has made some great great friends and has met so many great people. It is a great experience for her and everyone at OU has always been so helpful with any questions or concerns that she has had. Thank you!!

  2. My son is a freshman and applied for about 15 jobs (on & off campus) through the OU HR job postings. He never heard anything from more than half of them and the rest didn’t reply for over 2 weeks only to tell him thanks but no thanks. He followed all the steps & pointers you mentioned above including going to OU HR office where he was told “we only post the jobs, there’s nothing more we can do to help you”. Needless to say he never found a job this year and was very frustrated and is now considering leaving OU because of finances. As a parent it’s very disappointing the lack of guidance and support he received in looking for part time work.

    • Krista, I am very sorry that your son is having a difficult time finding a student job and that he received poor customer service from our office. It is true that our department only posts the jobs that connect students to the hiring departments; however, we can help your student with his application process by giving them tips for a better resume or how to catch a hiring department’s eye. Unfortunately, we can’t ensure that all students who apply for a job receive a job either. I have contacted you by the e-mail you provided so we can discuss your son’s employment opportunities more in depth. Mallory

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