Bedlam: Tradition of the Rivalry

This Saturday marks the 111th instate rivalry Bedlam game between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Bedlam is one of the richest traditions between the two schools. What began as a raucous crowd of fans at the OU/OSU wrestling matches has evolved into a yearly showdown between football teams for bragging rights. And even more importantly, it often decides who will be in the conference championship, so you can see there’s a lot at stake for the winner.

I love Bedlam. If the Sooners win (which has been the case 85 out of 110 games since 1904, but who’s counting?), I can boast to my brother who graduated from, ahem, OSU. Yes, we are a house divided. I graciously re-gifted the OSU cap he gave me one Christmas to a friend, who will produce it if necessary, to debunk rumors that I have thrown it away. And in turn, my brother has yet to wear the OU t-shirt I bought him. In this house divided, we keep the peace at Thanksgiving by banning college football talk, and we most certainly won’t watch the game together. However, there is plenty of good natured taunting via text on game day!

Last year, my husband was gifted with Bedlam tickets a week before the game and he got to take our son. They fondly reminisce about last year’s game to this day. The energy and excitement of the rivalry made the experience completely unique. And even though the weather was unpredictalbe, they proudly recounted how many Sooner fans stuck it out to the end of the game. These late fall weather patterns are football memory-makers and fans hold out together to support their team. It also helps when your team wins. Sooners crushed the Cowboys 58-23.

This year, our OU Freshman will get to experience Bedlam in all its rich traditions and glory as the game comes to Norman. She’ll get to swim in the sea of red and orange on Campus Corner and witness the good-natured ribbing that goes on between rival fans. The rest of our family will be cheering the Sooners from our living room. But we’ll still be in our best OU gear because for this Bedlam the stakes are even higher. Once again, a win will determine who plays the Big 12 title game. And if history holds, I’m thinking it’ll be the red team. Go OU! Boomer Sooner! #Bedlam

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