It’s Homecoming Reunion Week 2016!

Chalk graffiti covers the campus sidewalks. Windows are decoratively splashed in paint. Battle lines are drawn and dodge ball opponents are good-naturedly taunted. Pomping is in full swing. Royals are actively campaigning.

OU Homecoming is finally here and with it comes a glorious amount of Sooner traditions! This is a much anticipated and heavily programmed week for students and alumni alike. For our family, it’s even more meaningful this year because our oldest is a freshman and I’m so excited for her to experience the festive atmosphere that permeates the campus.

Homecoming brings back so many great memories. Many of the same Homecoming traditions that were around when my husband and I were OU students are still around today. However, one of my favorite things about Homecoming actually begins weeks earlier. While at OU, I worked at a shop on campus corner where the windows looked out at the North Oval. A giddy anticipation would begin to build on our little corner when the University landscape crews began planting the fall mums. With military precision, they were able to time the mums to bloom in all their magnificent color precisely during Homecoming week. At least, it always appeared that way! I’m pretty certain half of Norman would come to campus in the evenings to admire and snap pictures. From the Seed Sower on the South Oval to the entrance of the North Oval, the campus is decorated in magnificent flowers proudly gleaming ‘red and white’ to crown this special week. Colors #ProudlyGleaming is even the theme for this year’s Homecoming! If you aren’t able to personally enjoy them, the University posted a link for us to admire their handiwork and our beautiful campus:

The entire week of Homecoming is filled with great student activities from t-shirt giveaways and free food to competitions in everything from banners and boards to philanthropy and volleyball. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Sooners past, present and future to reconnect and celebrate our Sooner heritage. There’s also a Rah! Rally, Alumni Bash, and a concert during the week. It all culminates with a parade on Saturday afternoon before the football game. I love the Homecoming football crowd. The atmosphere is charged with fun and excitement as many of the ‘old-timers’ come to town decked out in Sooner regalia to proudly display their Sooner Spirit.

I’m encouraging my Freshman to make her own Homecoming memories this week and to enjoy as many events on campus as possible.

As alumni, we can make new memories while reliving old ones.

Here’s the schedule of this year’s events and activities:

You can also keep up on social media:
Twitter: @UofOklahoma
Facebook: The University of Oklahoma
Instagram: @Uofoklahoma
It’s a great way to find out where the next free t-shirt pass-out is located and goodies!

Happy Homecoming and Boomer Sooner!

#BeatKansas #ProudlyGleaming

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