A Fresh Dose of Optimism

David Leonhardt may have said it best: It’s time to work.

I was fortunate enough this past week to host the New York Times reporter on campus this past week during his student discussion and at the Associates Dinner.  Mr. Leonhardt writes a weekly Economics column in the Business Section of the New York Times, and was recently invited to share his thoughts on why America is in the financial situation it is in, and what the future looks like.

His words gave me and many others hope.  He was not the talking head that you often see on TV babbling about whose fault it is, rather, he takes a complex situation and gives it depth by simplifying it. It  is often refreshing to read about the housing markets or the economy from his perspective because he doesn’t write with political bias. It is his cool head and clear writing style that draws many people to his articles.  He openly admitted that he doesn’t understand many of the financial articles he reads, so he will explore those topics and write about them until they makes sense.

I think this is a great takeaway from his lecture.  People want to understand and be understood.  In these tougher economic times, college graduates everywhere are looking to make practical sense of what is going on so they can find a good job and contribute to rebuilding our economy.  Through the economic struggles it has been interesting to see the creativity of students around me.  Some creating their own jobs, others creating their own companies.  Thanks to good journalists, like Mr. Leonhardt, all of us are better informed about the climate we are walking into, and how to adapt for the future.

Have a great week!


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