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The End Approaches

…in about six hours or so, whenever this last final paper is due. I love you all, folks, but a student’s gotta do what a student’s gotta do. See you next week!

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It is Time.

Well here we are, children.  Dead week.  Hell week.  The one week in the semester when all the epic date parties and wild nights on campus corner seem tragically dwarfed by the fact that every single one of your professors is trying to kill you.  Who cares that you’ve had the time of your life […]

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Time to be Epic!

In a week, school will be out. In a week, we’ll be FREE! Only, we’ve allowed the stress and tedium of finals week get to us. Our brains are starting to burn out, and sometimes it’s all we can do to just turn the page of our textbook. Doesn’t it look amazing outside? It’s all […]

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