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Perfect Halloween Music

A vampire, a witch, and a ghost are gathered around a cauldron when unsuspecting little children ring the doorbell. No, this isn’t a scary movie – it’s a Halloween party, and the characters are guests in costume drinking punch when trick-or-treaters come to the door. This scene is incomplete, however, without an ominous soundtrack.

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Shutter Island – See It

Martin Scorsese latest movie, Shutter Island, is a dark, devious, punch-in-the face brain tease. And it’s spectacular. This intense psychological thriller will leave you shaken, shocked, thinking and talking. The wicked atmosphere alone of this movie will leave an impression, let alone the plot and characters. From the opening scene, where you meet a sea-sick […]

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Never Too Early for a Break

Hey! We’ve done it. We’ve survived the first two weeks of school! Now, unfortunately, the real schooling begins. The grace period’s over and, by some cosmic law meant only to destroy your social life, everything’s aligning. Papers for different classes are due in the same week, tests are on the same day, and all your […]

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