Getting prepared for the MCAT

First things first, before you can do anything Medical School, you must take the Medical College Admission Test (aka the MCAT).  Now this is no ordinary test, this is the mother of all tests.  Months of preparation are necessary to gain the confidence and diligence it takes to make an awesome score.

1. Determine Your Study Style. There are many options including classes, books, groups and tutors. Find the one you are comfortable with.

2. Make a Study Schedule. Determine how many hours you can study and stick to it, whether it be 3 hours during the semester or 8 hours during the summer.

3. Weaknesses First. Study subjects you are weak at more in depth. Some online practice MCAT test will give you breakdowns of each section, use these to find weaknesses.

4. Practice Exams. Take as MANY of them as you can and take them in situations and environments that will be similar to the test day, like early in the morning, etc.

5. Books. Every MCAT prep book has its strengths and weaknesses; ExamKrackers is also a good resource.

6. Verbal Section. Practice, practice, practice is beneficial in improving your verbal score. The verbal practice passages for Princeton Review and ExamKrackers are relatively similar to the actual test.

7. Drama Free. Go into the test confident and stress free, this will be a huge advantage. Take the night before the test off!

Get started early!  Start studying six months before you are scheduled to take the exam.  Don’t take the exam if you don’t feel ready. 

Something at Career Services we always suggest to students is to shadow a real physician and see if it’s something you really want to do before you go through all this.  Speak with people who have made it into medical school, speak with doctors, advisors, and other professionals in any field.  This insight might help you make the decision if Medical School is right for you!

Your friend,

Career Queen Kathy Green

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