A Glorious Return!

And a new (school) year, people. Isn’t that exciting?

It’s also my last, a sobering realization which completely robs the joy out of that opening. But steady that quivering lip, ladies and gents, and take heart — I’ ve still two semesters to delight, entertain, and (on rare, vaguely mediocre occasions) inform you on all the cool things going on in the wide world of geekiness.

But now, a tentative third of the way through my gig here at Unwind, I hope you don’t mind a little reflection. A moment of retrospection, perhaps, and a chance to put in big, bold letters a list of what I’ve written and hope to Bradford that any new readers will take a look back at some of the more quality material. There’s been good. There’s been great. And, most importantly, there’s been a lot of fun, one hell of a ride with this wonderful project and all the excellent writers attached to it.

This feels, coincidentially, like the most narcissistic thing I’ve ever done.

Some useful information for gamers and more general geeks alike popped up in the first few posts:

  • Savin’ That Cold, Hard Cash spoke at length on CheapAssGamer, a wonderful site for the gamer not sitting on mountains of cash.
  • Goozex: Funny Name, Serious Savings discusses a pretty successful – and perhaps superior? – method of parting with your used games instead of letting GameStop give you pennies back on your investment.
  • Odds and Ends: GOG appeals to a retro PC gamer like myself, the kind of kid who loves the concept of playing all those classic games again for very reasonable prices and a bevy of included benefits.
  • Family Video: Cheap is Good slaps a startlingly unoriginal headline on probably the best video and game rental service in Norman.

And, of course, games themselves saw a fair share of the spotlight:

  • Indie: Knytt raves at length on a wonderful indie PC game (one of my favorites, actually). It’s a feature that’ll see more spotlight this semester as the number of high-quality independent games skyrockets.
  • Review: Flower (Playstation 3) speaks highly of arguably one of the most unique titles available for any of the major consoles. It’s also one of the prettiest in so, so many ways.
  • Scribblenauts covers a Nintendo DS game with so much freaking potential that everyone should play it. Yes, you too.

There’s a bit more here and there, odds and ends and the like, though the seven above are pretty decent pieces of work when looking at the semester overall. They’re also, at the very least, the most potentially useful for any gamer or geek new to Unwind (or campus!) in the first place, and hopefully a pretty compelling reason to stick around for the upcoming year.

I’ll see you lot next Wednesday!

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  1. Mel
    06/09/2009 at 11:43 am Permalink

    Good to have you back!

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