Buy/Die (New Music Releases): Monsters, Science and Daisies

While it’s an enigma exactly why CDs are released on Tuesday, they still happen to come out with new ones on the second day of every week. Here’s the rundown on who’s got the stuff comin’ out today. It’s called Buy/Die, because that’s my rating system. The slash goes to those releases that I feel are either way, depending on your tastes. Brand New, Pearl Jam, Mika, They Might Be Giants and more get the ax or the thumbs up below.

DaisyBrand New. Brand New’s last effort (The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me) led me to believe that lead singer Jesse Lacey was going to commit suicide. I’d just never heard of anyone that depressed living much longer. He has defied me and put out a new record, entitled Daisy. If the first single is any indication, he’s not feeling much better, but the tortured emo/rock does sound somewhat more lively than the last effort. /

BackspacerPearl Jam. Because of this new CD, their set at Austin City Limits is probably going to suck. Old bands that release new material purely and only means that there will be less of the good stuff when they play live. In fact, even if this was the best Pearl Jam CD ever written, I would still be disappointed that it exists. It just doesn’t need to happen. Die

The Boy Who Knew Too MuchMika. In stark contrast to the last entry, I would endorse this even if Mika had turned into a porpoise and squeaked into the microphone. The man’s exuberant pop songs are just too good to pass up. Buy

Here Comes ScienceThey Might Be Giants. This is a kid’s album, but seriously, the best things that eccentric indie-poppers TMBG have ever done are demented kid’s songs. “The Sun Song”? “Particle Man”? “Istanbul Not Constantinople”? I rest my case. /

Life Starts NowThree Days Grace. I think one of their modern rock songs was called “I Hate Everything About You.” Right back at you, Three Days Grace. Die

Monsters of FolkMonsters of Folk.  Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), M. Ward (M. Ward, She and Him), and Mike Mogis (producer of every Saddle Creek band) make up this band. I think this gets a fifteen-yard penalty for being too awesome. If you like indie music at all, you need this record. Buy Buy Buy

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