Buy/Die Tuesday: Only Good Things

I’ve been extremely busy this week, which is why I haven’t gotten to writing this post. It’s sad, because this release Tuesday is jam-packed with wonderful things that you should buy. In fact, I’m going to buy THREE albums today when I go to Guestroom in a half-hour. That’s the most I’ve ever purchased with my own good money at once (gift cards don’t count). Without further adieu:


Forget and Not Slow Down – Relient K. Mature pop from former pop-punkers takes the form of a break-up album this time. My heart already hurts, and I haven’t even heard it yet, because their previous album Five Score and Seven Years Ago was a passionate love album. I’m expecting lots of piano, lots of harmonies, and lots of sadness. Uber-win.

The Life of the World to Come – The Mountain Goats. This album is the latest (nineteenth? twentieth?) album by prolific artist John Darnielle and his ever-evolving band. Lots of good indie pop here featuring chord-strumming acoustic guitar pop. He idolizes Ace of Base, CCM, Death Metal, and “One Fine Day” by the Chiffons. Yes, you cannot afford to miss this album.

I and Love and You – The Avett Brothers. I saw these guys perform at Austin City Limits, and they tore the roof off the place. Their punked-out Americana perspective produces some of the best pop songs there are, and they’ve got banjo in them. I’ve never seen a band this excited about a stand-up bass, or this energetic over regretting fooling around with women. This will make your life better.

Hello Hurricane – Switchfoot. Switchfoot is becoming incredibly prolific as well; this one slipped under my radar until today when I was checking to make sure nothing slipped under my radar. Oh! Gravity was a little bit of a letdown after the wonderful Nothing is Sound, but there were enough good songs on it that Hello Hurricane is worth your time. Also, Jon Foreman released a slew of acoustic songs recently, so I’m expecting the rock to be broughten on this one.


The Fall of Troy – In the Unlikely Event. Okay, so, I love the Fall of Troy, but it ain’t for everyone. If you like post-hardcore, emo, screaming, and blitzing guitar riffs, I’m pretty sure this one’s going to float your boat.


This is Us – Backstreet Boys. What. The. Heck.

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