Buy/Die Tuesday: Get Diverse

There’s a lot of genre variation in the albums being released this week, which is good. If amazing folk and punk albums dropped every week, I’d be broke. This is also the reason that consistent readers will note the lack of a sure bet delineated with a “Buy:” category. There’s not a go-to album that everyone should purchase. But, read on for the rest of the releases!


Sufjan StevensThe BQE. Quickly becoming the most idiosyncratic artist in the world, Sufjan has now released two albums this year, both symphonic works. Run Rabbit Run was released earlier this month, so far under the radar that I didn’t hear anything about it from any of my channels of information. It’s an orchestral reworking of his electronica album Enjoy Your Rabbit (not kidding). The BQE is a half-hour film that Sufjan shot himself about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, accompanied by an original, half-hour long composition played by a 36-member orchestra. It’s unusual that I would stick a Sufjan release in the / section, but for real. Even I don’t know if I’m going to like it.

Flight of the ConchordsI Told You I Was Freaky. The nearly-ubiquitous comedy/folk duo have finally released a second studio album, which I’m sure you all will legally acquire and memorize (or at least one of those two). If the song titles are any indication, their signature humor is still intact (although not, however, in tact). Even though I’m not going to purchase this disc, I’m sure I’ll know half the tracks by next Tuesday, as my friends will be quoting songs to me within the week.

Kings of ConvenienceDeclaration of Dependence. For how important this duo is to the modern indie pop movement (i.e. they coined/popularized the mantra “Quiet is the New Loud,” which was the title of their first album, in 2001), it’s bizarre that this is only their third album. If you’re a fan of acoustic guitars, melodies, harmonies, and morose ponderings, I’m fairly certain you will attain all of them here. Some people don’t like depressing music, which is why this gets a /. Otherwise, buy with certainty.

Do Make Say ThinkOther Truths. If you’ve been saying to yourself recently, “Man, I wish more Explosions in the Sky music would come out,” then you should probably go pick up Do Make Say Think’s new one. It’s rare that I characterize a band solely on the basis of another’s work, but if you are into Explosions-esque post-rock, you’ll be into Do Make Say Think’s post-rock. That’s all there is to it.


Tim McGrawSouthern Voice. I’m pretty sick of dumb sexual puns in the once-meaningful world of country music. I read recently that the lead track of this album is “It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You.” Really? Does the world need more of this? No. No it does not.

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