All About the Benjamins

Gamers know that their particular hobby is always an expensive one. The agony we’ll be inflicting on our wallets throughout 2010, however, is of spectacular proportions – God of War 3? Final Fantasy XIII? Mass Effect 2? Bioshock 2?

Big names require big budgets. And while I’ve already raved about the service cheapassgamer renders for the careful consumer, Gamestop has stepped up too to help stretch your dollar as far as it can go. Running until March 14th, all trade-ins will net an additional 50% bonus on their value, making a trip up to your local Gamestop a pretty viable alternative to getting the best deals online.

The store has built a reputation on offering little cash for your trade-ins, but this additional bonus – combined with the long list of game trade-in values provided by cheapassgamer – might be the best way to lighten the load on your wallet this year and prep for the incoming storm of big name releases.

And speaking of great games, what are you all looking forward to? Next week I’ll round up some of the more promising titles coming our way just to show how awesome 2010 – aside from that whole graduation thing – will be.

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