Oh the joys of celebrity…

Let me start off this post by saying that I am an E! junkie. As I’m writing this, I’m currently watching re-runs of that obnoxious show “Kendra.” You know, the one with the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner trying to drink that last drop of stardom before the cup runs completely dry. I have to admit that even though this reality show cannot compare to the genius that is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kendra’s baby Hank Jr., is very adorable and makes me want to watch the show more. I’m sure my roommates are getting tired of hearing me say “aww” every five minutes.

Anyway, I’m dedicating this post to a couple of my all-time favorite celebrities. And when I say favorite, I really mean the ones that are completely out of their minds.

The first celebrity is a little rough around the edges, but in the past few months I just can’t stop myself from googling his name. He sure does like to yell and scream, and will now probably be paranoid about every tape recorder that’s ever pointed near his face. Unwind readers, I think you know who I’m talking about: a Mr. Mel Gibson.

What is Mel up to nowadays? Well, he’s taking a break from being psychotic and instead donating money (approximately 9.6 million) to his small congregation, secret sect church through his AP Reilly Foundation, according to Radaronline.com. This large amount seems to be fishy, especially after failing to pay the $20,000 a month child support to ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Oxsana Gregorieva, claiming that he was broke.

I’m hoping Mel Gibson can turn this scandal around, for the sake of his child. But, the cynical part of me wants to watch this disaster unfold piece by piece. This situation does make me miss the good old days, when Mel Gibson was playing war heroes who slaughtered his victims brutally for the entertainment of Americans.

On a lighter (and extremely good-looking) note, my future husband John Mayer has joined a campaign to fight the spread of malaria in Africa and other third world countries. The campaign is called, “Comedy Fights Malaria” and is a team effort of celebrities such as Jeremy Piven, Ted Danson, Orlando Bloom, and Aziz Ansari.

In one Youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9vKRdXT4EQ) for the campaign, John (we’re on a first name basis, it’s okay) says that many children die under the age of teenie bop sensation, Justin Bieber. Although a silly statement, he describes ways which we can help children reach the age of fifteen and beyond.

I know a lot of people dislike John because of the things he said about Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston in the Playboy interview, but hopefully people will realize that he is actually a good person. And if he’s not, I don’t really care. I’ll still keep believing that he is.

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