Study Abroad: Romania – Day 7

Written by Steve Reiley

Friday, January 12 – Day 7

To close out our first full week in Romania, we took a shop tour of the CDI Oilfield Services facility located about 15 km from the hotel. Our visit began with Mr. Vasile Mogos, the general manager for the facility, introducing the company’s prior work in Romania and their primary operational focus: lift mechanisms. The warehouse tour began with an explanation of various lifting systems, such as rod pumps and progressive cavity pumps, as well as their applications.

Next, we explored the tests used to determine the integrity of pumps and whether or not they are suitable to be run downhole. Lastly, CDI employees showed ways in which their pump equipment had been optimized over the last several years. This included engravings on every piece of equipment outlining the date of purchase and serial number. With these modifications, if their equipment should fail, CDI would have a better understanding of why the failure occurred, be it due to age or manufacturing error. After the tour, we picked the employees’ brains for an hour or so about the different oilfield equipment, and then made our way to the next stop.

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