Norman Campus Research Council Awards Funding to MPGE Professor

Dr. Siddharth Misra was recently awarded the Faculty Investment Program funding by the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Research Council. This award will help Dr. Misra undertake a new research direction to quantify the topology and morphology of connectivities of phases in organic-rich shale samples. Dr. Misra will use use statistical morphology descriptors, neural networks, topological invariants, and multi-Gaussian and Markov random fields on the high-resolution images/scans of shale samples to quantify the phase connectivities.

The Faculty Investment Program (FIP), operated by the Norman Campus Research Council, provides funding on a competitive basis to develop and expand the scholarly (i.e., research and creative) activities of Norman campus researchers, including researchers associated with Norman Campus Programs at OU-Tulsa. The FIP is designed to provide maximum flexibility in meeting faculty needs via strategic investment of funds with a high degree of expectation and accountability. Ultimately, FIP is expected to enhance the national and international reputation of the University of Oklahoma via excellence in scholarship.

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