Dr. Teodoriu Sponsors “Safety Moment” for Drilling and Completion II Class

Implementing a safety moment as part of the Drilling and Completion II class culture.


Oil and gas industry have worked hard to implement a state-of-the-art safety culture among all its sectors. But safety starts with the individuals accepting and embracing a positive safety attitude. As a teacher, I believe that this attitude must be seeded in the early stages of next generation workforce training and to, so I have initiated a safety moment concept as part of my drilling and completion II class which is a senior undergraduate class. The concept is simple and follows the oil and gas industry: prior the class starts students are asked to present a near miss experience that they observed, while the whole class is challenged to comment and address solutions in how this could be avoided.

However, such a concept needs help from the industry for which we are preparing our students. Since such a safety moment has to be carried on beyond the classroom, I would like to be able to offer all our students a safety component that is inevitable the most important of all: safety glasses. They can be used in the laboratories as well as at home. By offering safety glasses to each student I am trying to make the safety a personal responsibility in which the students will bear the responsibility to bring their safety glasses with them. Of course, such action covers also a hygienic aspect of sharing safety glasses.

Being a front advocate in commitment to safety by maintaining safe work practices and risk controls of their employees, Schlumberger agreed to be our industrial partner sponsor by providing safety gear that will be used during the laboratory hours.  Schlumberger is a renowned company with health, safety, environment and good service quality as their core values, and transferring such a safety practices through provision of safety materials has always been their top priority in educational environment.

This “Safety moment” concept is planned to start in the Fall 2019 semester, and we look forward to bringing this safety culture practices to the OU students and educational settings as a whole.

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