Let’s get LOST!

LOST kicked off in 2004 with a shocking bang of suspense, drama, comedy, and an island full of mystery. Now, the seemingly simple idea of 48 strangers surviving a plane crash and finding a way off a remote island is loads more.

The survivors aren’t just strangers and the island isn’t just an island. And, to take a leaf from the movie Labyrinth, nothing is what it seems and the way forward is sometimes the way back. For seasons, LOST was a bombardment of twists, turns, flashbacks, flash-forwards, death and life. Not to mention the sheer desire to escape the island.

Now, five seasons later, the island has vanished and those who escaped, the Oceanic 6, are trying to get back.

In a thrilling season premiere, LOST started its fifth season with yet another bang. More is learned about the DHARMA Initiative, what happened to the island, the Oceanic 6’s post-island life and why – well, sort of anyway – they have to go back.

It’s clear that while more questions are being created, a good deal of them will be answered this season. The pieces to the puzzle that create LOST are finally going to fall into place.

Scheduled to conclude in 2010, with season 6, ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson announced the show will end with a “highly anticipated and shocking finale.” And really, who would expect any less from a show that throws you into the future then into the past without batting an eye?

Without a doubt LOST is a delightful piece of storytelling not often seen with television anymore. The layered writing and strong character development is enthralling and endearing. The suspense and mystery relentlessly holds the attention. Not to mention you can watch an episode three times and see something new every time.

Nothing is what it seems, but we would have LOST no other way.

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