“We got to do something…You know what we are gonna do?  Toga Party!”  I’ve always thought this line from 1978’s Animal House was the perfect embodiment of a college weekend, toga or not, but sadly I’d never experienced the joy of such a bash, that is until this weekend.

That’s right, this Friday I went to Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Tau Delta’s Crush Party “Glowga”.  A ridiculously fun frat party that combines the wonderment of neon colors and glow sticks and the classic toga.  I had always dreamed of swathing my body in a bed sheet and dawning leaves in my hair, so I was very ecstatic when Lucy’s boyfriend Jack (that’s what the whole world and myself are calling him) asked me and another friend to tag-along as his second and third dates.

Then I looked at my bed sheet and realized I had a problem.  While my off-white, creamy color sheets compliment my red, black, and gold comforter and decor quiet well, they do not do anything for my fair complexion.  I also got to thinking that it might be a bad idea to wear the only bed sheet I own to a party that would involve drinks, dancing, sweating, and who knows what else.  Now, normally I’m not a panick-er.  In fact my roommates and friends have been known to call me ‘such a mom’ because I usually have a solution or response that is much like the calm adult.

Not this time!  I feverishly called my mom to ask her if I still had my toga from sophomore year of high school.  No, I didn’t.  And even if my mother had found it, she made it apparently clear that she would not have taken the time to drive the hour to bring it to me.  What was I going to do?  I only had a day to figure it out and since it’s the end of the month I’m very low on cash.

Well, my roommate, Lucy, came unexpectedly to the rescue.  She had the perfect solution.  Go to Hobby Lobby, buy four to five yards of fabric, and you’re good to toga!  I was very doubtful when I heard her say this and several questions came to mind: What kind of fabric?  How do you stop your toga from looking like a bathroom towel? And how do you get it to stay up?

My mind was put to ease immediately when Lucy explained she knew the answers with the help of a handy little video she found on the Internet.  At first I didn’t believe her.  I mean who would create a ‘Toga How To’ on the Internet and really why?  But then I thought of all the much weirder stuff people put on the world wide web and laughed as Lucy showed me the video.

I was amazed.  It was not just a video, but an entire ‘how to make a toga blogspot’.  And I have to say that thanks to the British lady’s help (yes, the video narrator is British) I had a toga made in under an hour and for less than twenty dollars!  And so can you!

The fun part is your toga can be any color and you can buy any kind of matching trim to tie around your waist.  Also the video is a basic jump start for ways to tie your toga around you.  My friends and I found that there were actually several ways to go about fashioning our outfits.  And man, did we look good!

So, even though “Glowga” is over, there are many more weekends left in the semester, and I hope this serves as inspiration to everyone who’s ever wanted to have a toga party.  Now, get to making your togas!!   Boys remember to wear your tighty whities underneath, girls become best friends with double sided tape/safety pins, and have the time of your life dancing to “Shout” (you just can’t forget that). XOXO

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