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Y’know, with the staggering volume of blogs on the interweb these days, it’s pretty easy to miss the stuff that’s genuinely worth reading. You lot are already ahead of the curve by checking Unwind on a daily basis, but why stop there? Why not improve your life? That’s a bold claim, sure, but one that won’t seem so extraordinary once you’ve spent a little time with Lifehacker, a pretty popular blog that offers “tips and downloads on getting things done.”

The site offers a staggering goldmine of info on a wide variety of subjects, whether you’re looking for tips on cooking, finance, technology, etc. It’s easily one of the most informative places I’ve had the pleasure to run across, and the wealth of content improves every day. Interested? Read on for a whole lotta links to some of the best of what Lifehacker has to offer.

A primary focus for the site is technology, admittedly. The latest and greatest in software is a common topic, but don’t fret if you’re not too keen on fiddling with your computer. Lifehacker articles are typically well-written and offer ample explanation for those who might not be up on the latest lingo, which is a huge plus, but they also tend to focus on singling out the software that’s important for every demographic. Examples? Try these out:

The last one there appeals a bit more to power-users who use and abuse Firefox’s extensions for all they’re worth, but the first two are genuinely worth reading for anyone who uses a computer at all. Tons more tips can be found if you don’t mind digging deeper through Lifehacker’s extensive archive. And if your interests extend beyond a computer monitor, why not read up on food, finance, and everything in between? Check these:

A large number of articles eschew the Top 5/10/Whatever format I’ve linked above, particularly in the comprehensive Do It Yourself section. There you’ll find a long list of articles on home crafts, tricks, and other real-world hacks. I don’t check it too often myself, being the lazy college student type, but a quick glance through the archive revealed some pretty interesting stuff. Who knew there were so many uses for Altoids tins?

Lifehacker is a great resource, as you’ve likely guessed, and one I wholeheartedly recommend you check on a weekly basis. Tech guys and girls like myself might benefit the most, but anyone with an eye on gettings things done should at least give it a look. So what are you waiting for? Go on! Unwind will wait for you until you get back. We’re cool like that.

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