The Truth behind Murderers

Y’know those supernatural serial killers like Michael, Freddy, and Jason? Haven’t you ever wondered how they do what they do? Never die, always pop up behind victims, and look like they’re walking even when victims are sprinting?

Well, these questions and more have finally been addressed! Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon, directed by Scott Glosserman, is a “documentary” of Leslie Vernon, the new face of evil reincarnated.

When Leslie (Nathan Baesel) allows Taylor Gently (Angela Goethals, Spanglish), a female journalist, to follow him around, documenting his thoughts and actions as a supernatural serial killer, we get a whole new look into the life of our beloved killers.

We find out that our killers scout out their decrepit hideouts, rig windows and fuse boxes, and spend months finding the perfect group of victims. Oh, and they have a daily work-out so that they can seem to be everywhere all at once.

Leslie’s excitement for his “perpetrations” and “destiny” is almost contagious. Taylor, and even the audience, get caught up in his wild antics, his convictions, and the “thrill of the chase.”

The plans are carefully laid out, the roles are carefully planned, and deaths are carefully designed. But what catches you by surprise is the ending.

This movie isn’t just a documentary. It isn’t just a behind-the-scenes look at the life of murderer. It’s every supernatural murderer movie told from the murderer’s eyes.

And Taylor isn’t just following Leslie around, listening to him talk. She’s following him around as he kills, gets shot at by an Ahab (you’ll have to see the movie to learn what that is), and puts to action his big plans for the ultimate end.

Behind the Mask is full of satirical humor and revealing plot devices that are so true for all serial killer movies. It’s a must-see for all and any who love a good scary movie.

And that’s because it’s so humorous and spot on. Don’t get me wrong though. This movie isn’t all fun and games. Leslie is a serial killer. Taylor just needs to acknowledge that truth.

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  1. Mel
    21/09/2009 at 1:22 pm Permalink

    This one has been recommended to me before. I gotta watch it.

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