This Weekend Rocks: September 24-27

It’s a good weekend to be in Tulsa (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and the Avett Brothers w/Samantha Crain), but it’s kinda slow here in Norman/OKC area. Nevertheless, the weekend still rocks.

Should Do: Today at 5:00 p.m., you need to hit up Hunger Action Month TweetUp. Despite the weird name, it features the wonderful folk artist Sherree Chamberlain and neat-o giveaways (Autographed Flaming Lips album, free local music, etc). It’s a fundraiser for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, so bring ten bucks to donate. It’s technically free, but you’d have to be a tad bit soulless to not donate. It’s at the food bank, which is at 3355 S. Purdue, in Oklahoma City. It’ll be over at 6:30 p.m., so you’ll still have plenty of time to hit up other, ahem, venues in the evening.

Could Do: You could then go see the Black Crowes at the Oklahoma State Fair. It’s thirty bucks, but the Crowes’ crunchy, southern-tinged alt-rock may be worth it to those who like that sort of boogie. That’s on Thursday, too (7:30 p.m.), so you could actually do both Should and Could in one evening. Whoa.

On Saturday, The Feel Spectres bring their brand of guitar-based pop (think Kinks) down from the city to Opolis. Depth and Current will be there too, bringing their psyched-out, Pink Floyd-esque rock. Support local music.

Shouldn’t Do: Do not be seen at the Boyz II Men concert at the Oklahoma State Fair on Friday. Your street cred will drop about forty points, which puts you in the same level as a six-year-old. Perhaps a hip six-year-old, but a six-year-old nonetheless. If you must attend (cause I know some of you grew up on their sweet, sweet jamz), costume thyself.

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