Folk Friday: Ty Maxon

I’m a really big fan of folk and punk, in addition to the indie-rock that everyone listens to. Seeing as no days of the week start with p, it would be hard to make an alliterative title for an article introducing you to punk bands. Seeing as Friday and Folk both start with F, the alliteration demands that you hear about the folk bands that are tickling currently my ears with their acoustic tunes.

Today’s exhibit is Ty Maxon. Hailing from Chicago, Maxon has a fingerpicking style that falls somewhere between Jose Gonzalez and Nick Drake. The pulsing rhythms of Gonzalez are evident to a degree, while the wide-eyed, reverent awe that permeated Drake’s work is on display as well. These songs are almost purely songwriting; the lyrics aren’t that important, and the vocal melodies are just alright. But the intricate, beautiful guitar work is simply astounding. Maxon makes it sound like several guitars are playing at once, even though it’s just him sittin’ and pickin’. Tracks “New Magic,” “Free (From Time to Time)” and “So They Say” are all goosebump-inducing in their quality. If you’re a fan of fingerpicking or introspective folk, Ty Maxon is a guy you should check out for sure.

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