This Weekend Rocks: Oct 29-Nov 1

This is the best weekend of the year. Better than Christmas. Better than OU/texas. Better than New Year’s Eve. This is “fall back” weekend. That’s right, boys and girls. There are twenty-five hours in the Saturday/Sunday continuum. Some people will use this extra hour for sleep. More awesome people will use it to say that they partied for more hours in the day than are possible. That’s mega.

Also, it’s Halloween weekend. Even though the Zombie Walk already happened, there are still cool things happening related to Frightfest ’09.

Should do: Go to one or both days of the Hallopolis show. I love that Opolis sponsors a two-day Halloween concert/party; it’s one of the cool things about Norman. If you haven’t gone, you haven’t been a real part of Norman culture yet. If you go Friday, you’ll see Sh**ty/Awesome, Crocodile, JP inc., and my personal favorite Rainbows are Free. If you go Saturday, you’ll get JP inc. (again), Gentle Ghost, and the Pitchfork-beloved hometown heroes Evangelicals. Prepare for mayhem.

Could do: If you don’t like any of those Halloween options, kick it on up to 51st Street Speakeasy to see the Uglysuit and Junebug Spade in a pre-20th century costume party arrangement. The Uglysuit will probably be playing some new music, and there will be plenty of piratey costumes, I’ve heard. Definitely a good option if you don’t like getting your ears blown off by Evangelicals (which is a valid argument, I’ll admit).

Should not do: If you forget to change your clock and start showing up an hour early to things, I will laugh.

Don’t forget to check for more details on all the shows.

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