Yep, it’s scary…

I lied. I said I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to see the movie. Said I would let this one scary movie pass me by.

Well, I couldn’t stay away and I witnessed the phenomenon that is Paranormal Activity.

And, I’ll tell you this straight, I got scared. I jumped, I yelled, and I even shouted at the screen once or twice. When I got home, I wanted to keep all the lights on and not sleep under the covers.

Of course, the moment I climbed into bed without the covers I felt my limbs were vulnerable to the creatures under the bed and had to pull them up. I also had to turn the lights off because I firmly believe that monsters can’t see in the dark either.

But, less of me and more of the movie.

It was frightening. And I’ve never been in a theater where the audience was more animated in my whole life. Men and women of all ages yelled, gasped, and jumped.

Something…evil is haunting Katie and Micah’s home. Or so they think. And so they set up surveillance equipment to capture all the paranormal activity happening at night.

And thus begins the terror.

It begins slowly enough, with creepy noises and movements. It quickly escalates into everyone’s worst nightmares (well, my friends and I’s nightmares anyway) with  heavy footsteps in the room and moving sheets.

Shesh, just thinking about that scene gives me the chills.

My only disappointment with the movie is the very end, the final scene. I’ve heard a lot of people say that scene clenches the deal, and I’ve had people agree with me.

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

But, if you’re looking for something genuinely scary then I highly recommend this movie.

I will also go so far as to highly recommend seeing this one in the movie theater. It  makes the experience all the more better, with strangers and friends reacting in the same way around you.

In fact, I believe it enhances your reactions. If you hear or see someone else tense up, looking nervous and ready to be frightened, well, it also sets you on edge.

So, I concur with the general masses, Paranormal Activity is, in fact, frightening.

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