“We’re knights of the round table”

You remember when you were little and you ran around with a plastic sword slaying dragons that looked an awful lot like trees? Or when you were that princess stolen by that wicked troll (your bother) and that knight in shining armor (your dog) was there to save the day?

That was the coolest thing, right? Playing knights and princesses and dragons. And the only thing cooler would be if it was real.

Well, it is.

The 34th Medieval fair hath invaded Norman, bringing with it knights and princesses, knaves and wenches, and mermaids and trolls.

The knights aren’t very shiny though, the princesses aren’t very good damsels, the knaves will swindle you out of a good amount of your pocket money, and the wenches don’t wear nearly enough clothes.

But, that’s what makes it fun.

It’s a true adventure, to plow through the Medieval fair. To see the people, to eye the gold and silver, to find the wicked cool real swords (that your Mom would faint over if you brought home) and to witness the knights jousting.

This is your playground now.

The real-life jousting, the real-life chessboard game (highly recommend), and the real-life (we should hope) people acting the parts you acted so many times as a kid.

It’s quite the experience. Something no one should miss.

So, go. Now.

The fair will be here all weekend, today (Friday) through Sunday. It’s open 10 to 7. It’s located at Reeves Park, which is on the corner of Jenkins and Constitution.

Watch for parking. Lloyd Noble is the recommended choice, they’re charging 5 dollars this year.

Admission is FREE.

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  1. Nate
    30/03/2010 at 11:47 am Permalink

    Not to mention good root beer

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