Long time and no post! My life has been hectic lately. Here’s what’s new:

I changed my major. Well…sort of. I’m still a Microbiology major (technically), but I am no longer Pre-Med. I really started having doubts about becoming a physician my first semester of sophomore year, and it all accumulated the first week of spring semester when I just KNEW I no longer wanted to go to medical school and become a physician. So. Do I feel bad? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I actually feel very light and extremely happy. I’m enjoying everything so much more now, knowing that I’m finally going into a degree program where I know I will be more than happy in my future career.

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Ah my. Dead week is over. Finals week is but a few days away. After finals week, my first semester as a sophomore is officially over. So what to say about this semester? It’s been pretty great. I’ve learned so much in my classes, and who could ask for more than that, really? My Microbiology class has certainly been stressful at times, but I can honestly say that I’ve learned the basics of MBIO and am now ready to take it to the next level! Very excited. As for my Love/Sex/Race class, that’s been so much fun as well. I’ve written two papers that I’m very proud of. That class has really honed my paper writing skills. My Death/Grief/Growth class has given me some time to ruminate and ponder the topic of death and dying. Great class. I recommend it to everyone. I’ve done one creative project and one research paper for that class and it’s really given me the opportunity to not only learn more about death and grief, but more about myself also. Guitar class has been pretty nifty. I’ve learned about chords, how to read tabs and how to play some AWESOME songs. My Gateway class, where I was the T.A., was a success. Everyone bonded and we made some great memories. I’ve enjoyed my semester. I’ve learned so much and have met great people.

And now it’s all coming to an end. . .FINALS TIME. Eek. Very nervous, but then again, not very nervous. I took my MBIO lab finals this past week. INTENSE exam, but I think I did alright. Next week, I have three exams and a 15 page research paper due. How do I feel so far? I’m managing pretty well, I think. I went to a MBIO review session this morning and was surprised to find myself understanding everything my professor was saying. That’s GOT to be a good sign, right? This is one really great thing about OU. The professors really prepare you for exams. Whether that be by holding review sessions or by posting up study guides or just by letting you know that they are always available by email or office hours to help you out. You are really not alone at all during finals week. No matter the stress, it’s always comforting to know that your professors are always there in case you have a last minute question or if you want something explained to you again. Also, they’re so encouraging! My Microbiology professor has really calmed me down about my upcoming exam, because believe me, I was OUT OF IT with anxiety. But I went to visit his office hours and he assured me that everything was more or less straightforward and that my studying habits will serve me well. Awesome. Nothing like words of encouragement to help you out in these times of stress and worry.

But I know that finals week will be over very soon. My first exam is on Tuesday, and this weekend is just going to FLY by. Then my final exam is on Wednesday, and after that, I will be free for a whole entire month to do what I please. What do I plan on doing? READING, READING, READING. I’ve missed my novels too much. Can’t wait. Although now that I think of it, I will kind of miss everything from this semester. I feel just a tiny bit sad…but hey, I’ll be back next semester with new classes and new things to learn. My excitement wins over!

All in all, I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed this semester. I was extremely busy, running all over the place. I hardly had time to do anything but go to classes and study hard for the next exam, but it’s been such an awesome and whirlwind experience, I just can’t complain!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE STUDENTS OUT THERE! And I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Boomer Sooner!

I am horrified about not posting in so long. Sooo sorry. My sophomore year has been just a tad busy, to say the least. I just got done with a 15 page research paper last week and had to immediately get to studying for some Microbiology exams that are coming up next week. Eek, which reminds me. I have a Physics Exam this Thursday.

Ah, gotta love college. But it’s all good. Everything will be fine. Things always seem to get a little hectic during the October-November days.

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Hey everyone! So first exams are coming up and I’m busy studying for them right now. I have a Microbiology exam tomorrow morning at 8 am and I have an exam for my “Death, Grief, and Growth” class Thursday afternoon. After taking all of these exams, I plan on starting some research for my “Love/Sex/Race” paper and studying for Physics. Looks like there won’t be too much of a break for me!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Minh and I’m a sophomore here at OU! To start things off, I’ll just ramble a little bit about myself! Kay, here we go. I was born overseas, but grew up in good ol’ Oklahoma City. Got done with high school in OKC, moved on up to Norman where I lived in the dorms my freshman year. Fast forward a year later (Yes, I survived freshman year! Who would have thought, huh? It’s not that bad, guys. Seriously.) and here I am! I’m a Microbiology major and am currently taking my first MBIO class. I’m totally loving it, which is such a relief! It’s always nice to know you’ve chosen the right major for yourself.

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Currently reading: Diary of a Working Girl by Daniella Brodsky (Chic-Lit…gotta have some light reading to balance life out. =] )

Currently listening to: “Breakeven” by The Script (I LOVE this band!)

My, my, my! Only two more weeks until finals are here. I can just sense the stress in the air. Sigh…Ah but knowing that after finals I have a nice long break makes everything a-okay. Oh wait, did I say I have a break? Because…I don’t. After my finals are over I will have a nice break of 5 days before I start my intersession Spanish class. But that’s okay. I signed up for it so I don’t think I should complain too much. I think I’m thinking too far into the future anyway. Before I can even think about that intersession class, I have to think about MY FINALS. AHHHH!

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Currently reading:  House at Riverton by Kate Morton (I’ve had this book for about two weeks and have not had enough time to complete it yet. Honestly, something’s got to give….=/ )

Currently listening to: Sad Music by Brave Brothers (this is Korean-pop. Music is universal, though. Check it out and have a listen!)

Only about two more months until my first year as a Sooner will be completed. My, my. Time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that I was starting my first day of classes. I feel accomplished and just a tad nostalgic for last semester. But it’s too early to reminisce.

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Currently reading: Tamar: A Novel of Espionage, Passion, and Betrayal by Mal Peet.

Currently Listening to: “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Maroon 5

First, I’m so sorry I haven’t written more. I’ve been busy studying and doing various other things back in the city. Needless to say I got sidetracked. Anyway, the current date is March 11, 2010. Spring Break officially starts at 3:30 on March 12, 2010 for me. And I’ve got to tell you: I’m very happy that I get to have a week without classes. No doubt I will still be studying for, of course, O. Chem II. But still.  I think I can speak for almost everyone here on campus when I say Spring Break is the time to relax in our own individual ways. For me, I will be heading back to the city to spend some very much needed time with certain people. It’s really hard to keep up with relationships when you live in different cities. But anyway.

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Currently listening to: “High” by James Blunt

Currently reading: The last few pages of The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I’m about to start reading Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival by Anderson Cooper (whom I just love. Such an intelligent man. Can anyone please help me meet him in person somehow?? =] Joke…)

Currently thinking about: My future and what might lie ahead for me education-wise. I’m also worrying about O. Chem (but what else is new, right?).

So we’ve been back in school for almost a month now. Things are picking up. There is more work and studying to be done. I’ve been thinking about my future a lot this past weekend. What my approaching years here at OU will offer me, what my new classes will teach me, what new experiences I will have. Do you ever have those moments when you just think and think about what’s next to come? Well I’ve been having those moments….a LOT. So here are some updates.

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Ah….winter break is over. It was so awesome. I read tons of books, maybe about 10 or 11 in all, and I spent some much needed time with my family. It really takes a semester away at college to show me how much my family truly means to me. All part of the college experience, eh? Anywho, bottom line is that break is over. Which means school is back in session.

What are my goals for this semester? Well for one thing, I want to keep up my stable relationship with O. Chem. I’m in O. Chem II now and I can already tell the class is gonna be a tough one. But, hopefully, I’ll find an effective study technique and do well in this class, like I did well in O. Chem I. My, my, my. Has it really been about 6 months since the start of my relationship with O. Chem? Unbelievable…

I’m also taking the lab component of O. Chem II, Spanish II, Intro to Health Professions, and an Honors course called “The 60’s.” NO MORE MATH CLASSES!!!!! I’m so happy for that. Math was never my forte and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

What else to update on? Well since the semester has just started, things are still kind of slow, but I’m sure things will be picking up pace soon. I’ll update on other aspects of my life, then. Let’s see. I read some really, really good books over the break, but there was one particular book that left a very good impression on me. “Skeletons at the Feast” by Chris Bohjalian takes place during the last few years of WWII and mainly focuses on a German family’s attempt to cross the Third Reich and arrive at safer areas. The book was so awesome. If you’re a WWII junkie like I am or if you just want to read a really good novel, I recommend you check it out.

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. O. Chem is calling my name so I must go. He’s a very needy fellow, O. Chem. I hope all of you are having a great new year!

Boomer Sooner!

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